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Investment climate in the Moscow region
The Moscow region is one of the most investment-attractive regions of the Russian Federation, and one of the leaders among constituent entities in attracting foreign investment. In each district of the Moscow region, local administrations are taking measures to attract investment in the construction of social facilities, and businesses of all sizes. Mosoblgaz takes part in these investment projects.
Mosoblgaz activities
Designing and constructing new facilities (both public and private), reconstructing old ones, installing equipment such as metering devices, intra-house and internal gas pipelines, repair of damaged routes, and gas supply to residential buildings and apartments- these are only part of the tasks facing the affiliate of Mosoblgaz. The development of gas networks increases the investment attractiveness for commercial organizations with connection to various communal facilities, micro-districts, and logistics centers. Stable gas supply to industrial enterprises allows them to confidently look to the future by expanding production, attracting investments to modernize production, and creating new jobs.
Online services for business
In order for the connection procedure of business facilities to be more comfortable for customers, a special website is provided for connecting to gas distribution networks, and calculating connecting costs. Services available for applicants at the site: filing an application for technical connection; preliminary quotes for connections; step-by-step instructions all stages of technological connection and others. In addition, the site hosts a register of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses , which contains detailed information on all stages of accession to the gas networks of each entity. The applicant company not only can track the process of their application for connection before launching the gas, but also can also find contact details of its personal manager, with whom one can always be in touch.

Possibility of gas connection

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