Mosoblgaz History

Gas equipment began to develop in the middle of 50-s (mid-1950s). Kolomna was the first city in the Moscow Region, that took natural gas from the gas pipeline Saratov-Moscow in 1955. In the same year gas was given to Lyubertsy.

Early Beginnings

But gasification at that time developed very slowly, and mainly in the cities that were situated near Moscow and later became a part of it: Kuntsevo, Lublino, Perovo, Tushino.

In present-day borders of the region in 1958, 7 thousand flats were gasified.

The beginning of planned gasification in the Moscow Region, which at that time already had developed industries and high density of population, was based on an enactment of the Council of Ministers of the USSR “About supplying cities, inhabited localities and industrial organizations of the Moscow Region with natural gas”. This enactment provided for gas in 41 cities and 37 villages.

Gordyukhin Alexander Ivanovich
Supervised from 1958
to 1985
Musinov Alexander Ivanovich
Supervised from 1985
to 1997
Tsar'kov Vyacheslav Nikolayevich
Supervised from 1997
to 1999
Maximov Alexey Fedorovich
Supervised from 1999
to 2002
Bolshakov Dmitry Alexandrovich
Supervised from 2002
to 2009
In June of this year a department MOSOBLGAZ was organized – the first independent regional department in the whole country, which was directly subordinated to the regional council.

Trust “MOSOBLSPETsSTROY” (today trust “MOSOBLGAZCTROY”) was the part of “Glavmosoblstroy” and gasification department, which was organized on the base of the institute “Mosoblproekt” – were created in order to realize gasification works.

In May 1958, a gas equipment department of the executive committee was created. The main mission of this department was to organize gasification and regional gas equipment exploiting.


The biggest in the USSR

The mission, which was specified by an enactment of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1958), was done in 7 years. From the very beginning the main aim was the entire gasification of the Moscow Region. All works were done in furious pace, especially in 1970s. A record figure – 1100 kilometers of distribution gas pipelines and 117 thousand gasified flats – was achieved in 1974.

Such achievements were possible thanks to material resources of many customers, including population’s resources.

Salikov Sergey Vasilievich
Supervised from 2009
to 2011
Polikutin Konstantin Vladimirovich
Supervised from 2011
to 2012
That development was based on a scheme of the natural gas industry in the Moscow Region. This correct scheme allows for a system, and it excludes possibilities of making wrong decisions. When technical specifications are given out, they must include requirements on supplying gas pipelines building, gas control points and additional sources of natural gas industry building. A scheme of the natural gas industry in the region must foresees all this requirements.


MOSOBLGAZ opted not to build gas-distribution stations in every gasified city, but rather we formed large inter-disrict operational trusts. They must direct the process of gasification and realize the gas equipment exploitation on the whole territory, including countryside. There are nearly over 88 trusts in the region now.

Golubkov Dmitry Arkadevich
Supervised from 2012
to 2019

In 1992 and 1993 there was a gasification slump in the region due to financial strains, which were caused by radical economic reform in Russia.

In few years rates of gasification were reconstructed mainly thanks to region administration and wherewithal. These factors allowed to convert reduced fuel oil boiler-houses into gas boiler-houses.
Baranov Igor Anatolievich
Manages from 2020
to the present