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We are glad to welcome you  the site of MOSOBLGAZ. On this site you can find a reliable information about work of our organization, acquaint with the ways of its activity in different aspects of  social life.

You can also learn about the history of this organization, about current affairs and about future trends of the gas industry development.

This site will show you a range of services, which MOSOBLGAZ can offer. We hope that some of our offers will rouse your interest – we are always ready to cooperate with you.

The gasification program from 2005 to 2025 provides for the implementation of measures for 1178 facilities. The total length of the constructed gas pipelines will be 5505 km. Conditions will be created for gasification of 1135 settlements in the Moscow region, where more than 290,000 people live.

I quarter of year 2018

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  • • The analysis of state-of-the-art level and basic development trends in gas distribution equipment development in the gas distribution industry
  • • Determination of main directions and effective ways of solving the problems, concerning industrial safety, when systems of natural gas industry are exploiting
  • • Some measures preparation, concerning mechanization of labor processes, when gas distribution systems are build and exploit
  • • Inculcation of energy-saving technologies, high-performance gas equipment and devices
  • • Consideration of the programs, concerning the reconstruction of gas distribution systems in Moscow Region, some individual components and parts of it
  • • Inculcation of introduction of remote control to operate and control an engineering process
  • • Initialization of the normative and operation documentation review, because new technologies, equipment and engineering solutions have been found
  • • The analysis of progressive native and foreign experience of working in gas distribution industry, especially in projection, building and exploiting
  • • Organization of new proposals, concerning the correction of a natural gas industry scheme in Moscow Region, as well as reconstruction of gas distribution systems
  • • Development of the measures on realization isolated by structured subdivisions of the normative legal acts of the government on questions of gas supply
  • • Consideration of  projects, concerning gasification development in Moscow Region and different offers over gasification development of the territory in order to fulfil  a government program