Development of the gas network
Connecting consumers to the gas distribution infrastructure of the company
Connecting consumers to the gas distribution infrastructure of the company
Transportation of natural gas in the region
Implementation of the Moscow Region gasification program
Development and modernization of the gas distribution network
Participation in the creation of a technical gas distribution policy
Technical and emergency service
2005-2025 Gas Program

Statistics of gas supply

In 2005, work began on gasification of 874 facilities.

We collected data on all completed, under construction and planned facilities to show the growth rate of the program.

affiliates throughout all the Moscow region
retail stores
industrial enterprises and boiler rooms
connected utilities
2 900 000
connected households and apartments

Cooperation with business

Development of gas networks Result for business: increasing the investment attractiveness of communal facilities, micro-districts, and logistics centers.
Stable gas supply to industrial enterprises Result for business: expansion of production, investment recovery for production modernization, and creation of new work places.
Engineering, building, reconstruction of gas facilities Installation of gas pipelines and gas equipment for enterprises, workshops, communal facilities.